Sometimes, I’m not sure about this whole thing as so many energy filled kids crawl on me as if I’m a jungle gym.

But then there are times, like today, when I cannot fathom the idea of saying goodbye. Moments that seem to stand still as my eyes move from child to child taking in all that has occurred over the last year and a half. I stare at each one; relishing the extreme love that I feel for them.
I sit there, completely content, in abundant joy.


I look at this sweet face and I remember the first days we spent together. I think back to when he wouldn’t let me get within a 5 foot radius of him. I remember the way his lip would quiver as he couldn’t quite figure out why this white girl looked so different. I remember his confusion when all I wanted to do was cuddle and love him.
And now, this little guy runs to me. He sees me & smiles. He reaches for me and he can’t wait to get loved on. Just today, he attached himself to my leg like a leech begging to be held. He tells me he loves me and he knows that I love him.


I stare at the beauty that is this little girl. I reminisce about when she couldn’t lift her arm and anything she said came out as a whisper. I can’t help but think about a time when she had zero mobility. I think back to when she, daily, stayed seated on a wooden bench as an onlooker to everyone else’s fun.
And now, this sweet thing shouts my name when I arrive. She knows she has a voice and she is excited to use it. She is now a little girl who can crawl to get where she wants to go. When I ask her if she is beautiful, she replies with a confident “Yes!” She has developed into the eager, energy filled girl that was always there.

I look at these kids and I see the work our Father has started in each of their lives. The best part is that I know He is not finished. He is currently and consistently working in each of these kids and in this city. His heart is for them.
I think back to when I questioned everything about being here. I remember when the idea of being away seemed much more intimidating than actually being here. I think about the state of weariness that consistently overcame me.
And now, I can look back and see clearly His hand at work. I can feel Him all around. I see His face when I look in these kids’ eyes and I know He is here.
He always has been & He always will be.

I sit in awe.