Something Special

I was just holding her, her head cuddled up near my neck, when I just knew there was something special about her. There is something special about the way she smiles, the way she looks at me, the way she knows I love her.

That’s what is special. She knows I love her. She knows how much she is adored by the white lady that comes to see her. She knows that if she gets hurt and I’m around, I will comfort her. She knows I will stick up for her and fight for her. She knows I will discipline her because I want her to be the best that she can be. She is confident in what we have- a treasured bond has been established.

If she can respond this way with someone who only sees her several hours a week, just imagine her potential if she was blessed with a momma forever! 

I know that one day, we will have to say our goodbyes & her 3 year old mind won’t understand why and I will doubt my decisions, but I will remind myself that it has all been worth it. She has been a part of an attachment. She has had sweet “I love you’s” whispered in her ears countless times. She has been told that she is special. She has known love….

..and although I may not be the one to continue giving her that tangible love as she grows, I will always be one that holds her close to my heart and prays for happiness and salvation over her sweet soul.

She’s my girl.



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