retirement is a beautiful thing.

If you have been following this journey for a little while, you may know that we have been waiting and waiting (some people have been waiting for 2+ years!) for the head director to retire. She is a nice lady and isn’t bad to the kids, but the thing about her is that she doesn’t want change happening on her clock.  She was so close to retiring that she didn’t want anything happening that could potentially mess up her plans. But, she also liked how much  money she was making and just wasn’t retiring like planned!

No retirement=no change.

Well folks, this past week she retired and that is FABULOUS news. It looks like the team in November will be able to spend two days loving on this orphanage through different things we have planned. It looks like we could potentially & finally get these kids fostered out to local [& hopefully foreign] families who care about them and meeting their special and specific needs! It looks like the road to adoption is almost within reach.

We’re praising Him for this answer after much pleading.

Now that the director is retired, all the kids from her village [little village money makers] are back at the orphanage, so we have been welcoming new and old orphan faces back into this place. All special needs & all more precious than you can imagine. Naturally, I love them all, but there are a specific few that make me never want to let go.

Sometimes, it’s hard to love so deeply.

A lot of times, my heart is heavy.


All the time, He sustains me to love as He has commanded.

Everyday, I am more than thankful for precious faces like this.