Camp Hope

After the 35 hour train, I have made it to my destination! Autumn and I are reunited and so excited to be a part of Camp Hope. The team arrives today and we will have orientation this evening. Tomorrow, camp will start. Let the fun begin!!!



Today, I was extremely as we came together as His body to worship Him. I couldn’t get this simple thought out of my head or off of my heart.

“What a joy it is to worship the One who found it joy to extend grace and cover my sins. Pure joy.”

autistic kids & a monkey.

The physical therapy group that I help at the orphanage sometimes also has a PT Center here in town for children with both physical needs (they see mainly CP) and autism.  The parents are required to stay with the children during therapy, so that they can learn how to incorporate their child’s therapy in everyday life.  The group really does a great job of reaching out to not only the children, but the family as a whole.  They hold an annual family retreat for the kids and their parents and that happened to be this weekend.  They needed some people to help staff for childcare and I gladly volunteered on Friday.  There happened to be a random monkey at the resort and the kids loved him.  Especially one of the little boys with autism.  He seriously could not get enough of him.  He stood there, watching the monkey do what monkeys do, for the entire day.  He ate by the monkey. He sat by the monkey. He played ball with the monkey. You get the picture.

Meet ‘the‘ monkey.

Oh & my sweet friend for the day (and many more) FeiYen.


This blog is not my strongest point currently, but I promise to work on it.

Right now is kind of an overwhelming time as I try to build my vocabulary and language skills in an effort to build relationships with the locals around me and at the orphanage.  Before I left, I had written down some goals.  In that, I stated that for 2 months, I was going to spend time getting to know the nannies and other orphanage staff and then I was going to go for it. Two months in- I was going to start talking to them about how to best serve them and begin talking with them about international adoption.  Well, we’re going on 4 months and I am still trying to remember all the kids’ Chinese names and I have don’t know the beginning of international adoption vocabulary. I don’t know if I was being unrealistic when I wrote my estimated goals or if I am not trying hard enough here, but for now, I feel as if I am right where He has me.  Simply loving them. Loving the ladies at the orphanage. Loving my sweet, sweet babies. Loving my teachers.  Whatever it is, He is using it and He will be glorified in and through it.

As I question my everyday actions, if I am “doing” enough, He reminds me and gently whispers that I am here to love and show His love.  He will do the rest.  He will show me which way to go.  He will give me discernment for and guidance of when and what to talk to these precious ladies about.

After all, it is all about Him and He is in control. 

This is Anna- one of my English corner girls- on the back of my (now stolen) scooter. So much love for this girl!