The Past Week in Pictures.

I took Bryson out to some places of his choice: the skating rink & a restaurant that we call “Zaxbys.”

I skyped with my little man. Twice. And it was lovely- he even showed me that he is wearing big boy underwear!

I got to take my English Corner girls out to lunch on Sunday.

And then, there is always class. ūüôā


This is my friend, HaoHao. He is seven & He was made in His image.

…just like me and you.

The Chinese Way.

There are so many things in everyday life here that you just do. You just do them and you don’t know why. But you know, they are the Chinese way and you do them. They are simple things like language. Where you would say in English that ‘you live¬†next¬†to¬†something’; in Chinese you would say ‘you live to something¬†next to.’ Simple enough, right? Then, it gets a little more “complicated.” ¬†You’re offered a fruit that you have never seen before and even though you don’t care to have one, it is extremely rude to refuse so you say yes to such a nice offer. Still simple enough, right? Then, you start serving with an English corner where youth are asking questions about the Word because they know that westerners have this book¬†and¬†read it; and all you can tell them are the small facts because, after all, you are a foreigner. ¬†Then, these ever-so-curious youth want to know why you would help in an orphanage in China or why your family would want a Chinese boy with white skin; and you tell them that it’s because you love these people. You love them because you have been loved. But then you don’t know what else to say because you just found out that it’s illegal to share the Good News with anyone,¬†even if they ask.¬†

That’s where the Chinese way gets a little tricky. ¬†The line gets a little fuzzy.

As I was meeting with some of Westerners around town, we started talking about the local Brothers & Sisters. It is permitted, although not promoted, for them to share the Good News. I think it is kind of obvious in this kind of work that you have to train up locals. ¬†I mean, if you leave (or get kicked out), what happens if you’re the only one that knows how to shepherd these people. ¬†The sheep are left unattended and become misguided. ¬†You have to pour into the local family, training them and discipling them to love their city and the lost that are in it.

What I have been missing was what to train them in and when to start letting them lead. I have wanted to come here and train these women to raise these babies in a nurturing way.  And although that would be a phenomenal outcome, that is not enough. The point is for them to know their Creator.  To know Him intimately. To know Him & see the importance of others knowing Him too.  This may sound simple, but another American pointed this out to me: We have to let the locals share the Good News. Let them be a witness and testimony of His glory.

Not only because it’s legal, but because it is necessary. ¬†It is commanded.

Direct them to the people with questions and guide them in wisdom.  Disciple them. Help them cultivate their passions and refine their hearts to better reflect His.  Show them how to love the least of these and intercede on behalf of the lost.  By them seeing you filled with Him, it will pour out onto them and into their hearts. And I promise you, that in all of this, your heart will be refined. You will be more humble because of it.  You will see His glory better displayed as you are able to look at it unfolding before your eyes.  You will hear His story proclaimed in a language that tries so desperately to refuse Him.  You will be able to witness His people rising up to be His hands in feet. You will be f

orever changed.

This is where the way gets a little bit clearer. ¬†This is where you realize that it’s not about numbers. ¬†It’s not about culture. ¬†It’s not about you. ¬†It’s not about the Eastern way and it’s not about the Western way.

It’s all about His way. And that way; that way is good, pleasing and perfect.


Embracing China

When you can’t get random foods here that you want from back home, Pinterest comes in handy like never before. Yesterday, I made homemade bread (you can get bread, it’s just different.) and granola. Both turned out really well & I think they will become a regular thing. The bread only used about 5 ingredients and the granola was really simple too.

Christi and I went the gym to run last night and a few minutes into our run, one of the trainers came and asked us if we wanted to join the girl’s class. We gladly agreed- only to find out that it was step aerobics. It was¬†so¬†much fun. & no, I’m not being sarcastic. See for yourselves.

Before Picture. (after running a bit, before the class.)

After Picture with our instructor. Ask a Chinese person to take your picture, and it will be blurry.

I have videos. If only I knew how to put them on this thing. Oh well. ūüôā

Oh.. & here is my latest addition to the apartment. My one and only framed picture. Who better to put in it? I would really prefer to not spend my days without my 8:00am wake up call from this sweet boy. Oh & the 8:30pm night time kisses. And everything in between. What I would do to get to rock him to sleep right now!