Yesterday we went to the opening ceremony of the foster care center. This center is a place for foster families to bring their children during the day. They can leave or stay with the child. The center has workers who help the kids with different types of therapy. There is physical therapy equipment and games that are made to stimulate the kids’ minds. The best part is that it is right in the middle of the village where most of the foster families live. Everyone came around to celebrate the occasion; complete with Chinese officials and firecrackers. I got to see so many familiar faces, but most of them were more interested in my sporty hat than me. Oh well… All I know is that we were lookin’ right as we were representin’ that red, white, and blue. 🙂

Today, we hung the pictures that took us four days to get printed and framed and I am rather impressed with them. They are just 5 by 7 pictures and frames so I wasn’t sure if they would look silly hung on a wall, but I actually like them. Above each child’s picture, I painted their respective Chinese names. -In characters.- Yep, that’s right, this girl writes in characters now. And by write, I mean trace. JingJing wrote them in pencil and I painted them. 🙂 The nannies weren’t our biggest fans on our choice of pictures or painting, but we like it and it’s exactly what I was instructed to do.

JingJing’s first time using a power tool. 🙂

HongXia, the head nanny, won’t be here for the weekend or on Monday so she said her farewells today along with giving us some bread for the road. (or for tonight?) We took some pictures with the nannies, so here is a look at the ladies we spend everyday with.

HongXia and JingJing

All of the Ayis (aunties). And somehow Lily got into the picture.

Two of my favorite Ayis and JingJing. The taller (her non-Asian feature) Ayi’s eyes are open. After we took the picture, the other Ayis were picking on her for her “small eyes”. (her Asian feature.)




I’m so sorry that I have been so slack. It’s been a good week back at the orphanage. We have been able to go visit the foster care day center where I have seen a few familiar faces from last year. I have spent some time with Luke – a little albino boy from last summer. He is also in the care of Simon’s old foster mom. I have spent some time with Matt. – one of my favorite little boys from last year & a member of the Nation family and soon to join them at home. Ruth was at the center too. – A little one from last year that is now in the process of being adopted. I have also been able to see Jane and Kate through their foster parents stopping by the orphanage with them. I love the babies this summer, but it has been so sweet to see how much my first babies have grown up and changed over the year. The orphanage is holding a reception for all foster parents and families on Thursday and we have been asked to come to represent the volunteers here. I am so excited to see some more familiar, yet grown up, faces.

Lily – a 6 month old little girl – is now sitting up on her own.
Stephanie – not sure her age – is a new girl that has joined our LOCC family. She has biggg brown eyes and an even bigger smile. Our translator told us that her eyes are not an “asian” feature.
I taught Bill to clap and although it’s a simple task, he makes it look so cute.

I’ll hopefully be able to upload some pictures from the reception. I’m very excited about this event.

Am I 30 yet?

I want them all. I want to adopt every single one of them. The healthy ones all the way to the ones that China deems un-adoptable.  So much has gone on today, now that we have a translator.  Our translator is great, and I was so excited to have her, but now I’m wishing that she only spoke English to us and kept what the nannies say to herself. I’m not sure I’m exactly ready to share what all has been happening today, but please lift us up. Our spirits are low and our perseverance is running dry. We’re striving to focus on the Ultimate Comforter.

Now, Wenshan. Well, it was great. We got to do so much and see so much. I loved living life with the Doty’s and seeing what they do on a daily basis to make His name known. Here are some pictures.


These people are great. That’s basically the end of the story, but I’ll chose to tell you more. I am loving being here because I am able to watch a family that is devoting their lives to something bigger than themselves and they’re living out this thing in a radical way. The strive to genuinely love the people around them and the people of this country. They’re real. This life is messy and it’s rough at times, but it’s rich and it’s full of joy. They’re teaching me so much in just my short time here, whether they know it or not and I am so thankful. Christi has been pouring into us while Mike has been in Kunming and I am trying to soak it all in- hence, my lack of blogging.

The kids are great and so fun. They’ve taken us all around their cute city and they love showing us all the little things that make up Wenshan. We went to the pool yesterday and all got a bit burnt, but it was worth it. This weekend we’re going into the village, the orphanage, and then rock climbing.

Sorry that my blog is catching the slack, but I really want to take advantage of every second here with them so I probably won’t be on here much.

Y’all back at home that are wishing you could be here– we wish you could too, but I promise I’m giving them lots of love for all of you.